Where’s all the TECH???

Robot hand holding a binary cube concept of logical processing. Clipping path included.

The usual suspects in the startup community look at the Cfusion with ridicule and incredulity.

You can almost hear them in the distance:

What is this?!?

Where’s your app?

Where’s your digital screen?

Where are your one-touch buttons?

Who makes stuff like this?!?

Well, no one, other than Cfusion – and that’s the point.

Does an app really add to the quality of your oil?

Digital screens might look cool on first impression, but are they worth paying for?

Would you even want one-touch buttons? Do you really want your infusion settings automated? Wouldn’t you rather have full control over your time and temperature?

Take it all the way – why would you embed a heating device in a “machine”, when people have lots of heating devices in their kitchens already? Why not let people use the ones people already have?

Technology is great when it makes the world better. Technology “just because”, though, is wasteful and unnecessary.

Cfusion uses technology where it matters most. We used cutting-edge 3D printing during product design and prototyping. We manufacture our products using premium silicone and stainless steel. And we proudly distribute to the world using the latest e-commerce tools.

But we haven’t embedded unnecessary technology into the kit itself.

It is because of unnecessary technology that the infusion “machines” can cost up to $500.

Cfusion cuts all the tech waste, saving you hundreds – while giving you more control, more versatility, and creating better infusions.

In the end, it’s only the infusions that matter.

PS – the “machines” can’t do milk and cream. Just saying….


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