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The edibles are coming! Who cares?

Commercial edibles become legal in Canada on October 17th, 2019.

The corporate bigwigs are besides themselves with anticipation:

The country’s largest cannabis grower, which boasts an $18-billion valuation that makes it worth more than household corporate names such as Shaw Communications and Canadian Tire, disclosed a fourth-quarter net loss late Thursday evening that was almost four times analysts’ expectations.

Smiths Falls, Ont.-based Canopy joined major cannabis cultivators Cronos Group, CannTrust and Supreme Cannabis in failing to meet earnings expectations in recent weeks, but co-chief executive Bruce Linton expects the impending launch of higher-margin infused foods, drinks and vape products to help turn the tide on profitability.

“[Edibles] is what we’ve been built for. It is the whole point of this exercise, to create things that are a bit more complicated and have a much more desirable consumption pattern,” Mr. Linton said in an interview. “I think once these new products and distribution for them exists, I think that multiplies the sector and we are going to have the biggest market share. It is the next big wave.”

In other words – “Big Pot”, which is losing money hand over fist, openly acknowledges edibles as their path to billions and billions of dollars in profits.

Where are those profits going to come from?

It won’t be from the bigwigs’ own pockets. You’ll be hard pressed to find ones who even acknowledge having tried their own products – if they’ve ever tried cannabis at all.

It’s you that the CEOs are targeting. It’s out of your pockets that the CEOs want to extract cash. They’ll be able to charge 40 cents or more per milligram of THC content in edibles, just like they do in the US. If the Big Pot CEOs have their way, they’ll make billions, straight off of you:

The (Canadian) market for cannabis edibles could be worth roughly $2.7 billion a year, according to a new (Deloitte) report… The report estimates that more than $1.6 billion will be spent annually on edibles and $529 million on cannabis-infused drinks, while topicals, concentrates, tinctures and capsules would combine for more than $400 million in sales.

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