Sublingual Weed

Sublingual Weed – Speed without the Smoke!

The #1 complaint we hear about edibles: “They take too long to kick in!”

Which, compared to joints, is true. Joints hit you fast – once you’re done coughing out the toxic smoke, at least.

But – what if you could have it both ways?

What if you could have the speed without the smoke?

…ever heard of the word “sublingual”?

It’s a fancy way of saying “under the tongue”.

It works like magic, and it’s proven: What are sublingual cannabis tablets? And how do they work?

And, despite what Big Pot will tell you, you don’t have to pay through the nose for “tablets” to do it!

Infuse your weed into oil using the Cfusion method – and just swish the oil in your mouth for a while!

(Goes without saying – let the oil cool first…)

You’ll feel it right away, we promise.

And whatever your mouth doesn’t enjoy, your stomach will love.


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