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Strain Mixology – The Next Cannabis Big Thing?

Grapefruit smoothie with marijuana isolated

Today I dared ask the question:

What would happen if I consumed strong sativa and a strong indica… at the same time?!?

Of course, this isn’t how things are supposed to be done! All the stoner chit chat makes clear that sativas create highs, indicas mellow down, and hybrids vary. No one goes to the trouble of making strain-mixed joints, nor would anyone smoke two joints simultaneously just to mix the effect.

But with Cfusion, it’s easy!

There they were in my fridge, side-by-side, two bottles of infused cream, one with Super Silver Haze (sativa), one with Blueberry Kush (indica). I’d taken the Super Silver Haze an hour before to get working, only to find out the task I was preparing for would have to be delayed.

So, feeling unhelpfully wired and looking at the Blueberry Kush, I figured, why not?

I tell you – it was like nothing else I’ve tried yet.

It was, very clearly, a recreational high. There was nothing medicinal about this. Experiencing it reinforced how medicinal my usual habits are. On a normal day, when I’m taking my usual strains at their usual times, I feel nothing like this.

But it was more than just a “high” –

It was the most interesting and unique “high” I’ve yet experienced.

It was very clearly a full-body indica high, but it was as if the Super Silver Haze was sharpening the sensations and amplifying the effect.

What’s more, It felt vividly psychedelic, with colours and shapes mixing around me, exactly like ‘60s and ’70s weed culture has always been portrayed. It could have been part an Austin Powers movie.

As I thought the experiment through, I started to wonder –

In the ‘60s and ‘70s, people shared joints and consumed in small hotboxes, by necessity. Back then, all the strains mixed together in the air. Now, everyone has their own stash and usually smokes it outdoors.

Could that be part of why effects are evolving over time?

This type of strain mixology is unheard of in cannabis. Could it be the next big thing?

For now, a name for my Super Silver Haze and Blueberry Kush mix:

I call it Radical Blueberry.


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