Strain Mixology: Isn’t Strain Breeding Doing This Already?

When I talk to long-time stoners about my experiments in strain mixology – combining infusions using two different strains into the same edible to produce a mixed effect – their usual reaction is, isn’t that why growers create hybrid strains?

Aren’t they producing the same result already?

The short answer: yes and no.

And I’ll give you an example of the yes first.

My favourite strain of all-time is Lemon Ice. It is because of Lemon Ice that Cfusion exists. Lemon Ice, which was briefly available at my then-dispensary of choice in July 2019, both inspired the creativity needed to come up with the Cfusion concept and the energy required to execute it.

Alas, the Lemon Ice quickly sold out, and I have not been able to locate it since. Forced to cycle through other strains, I realized that the Haze family generally worked well for me – Mango Haze and Haze Berry being two good examples.

Lemon strains, such as Strawberry Lemonade, seemed to produce more pleasure than productivity – valuable, but not essential.

Then, one day, I walked into a dispensary, and happened to see, right next to each other, Super Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk – the two parent strains of Lemon Ice.

Could I replicate the Lemon Ice effect by mixing the two?

I snapped them both up and hurried home to prepare my Cfusions. The next morning, and for the next few days, I experimented.

The initial result: Yes, the mix came close. I certainly had creative focus, and I certainly had the ability to write and execute plans.

But in the next few days, things got more interesting – as I changed the proportion of the two strains in my mix. Wanting more of the Haze effect than the Lemon, I went to a 2:1 proportion between the two. That got me exactly where I wanted – productive and energized.

And, of course, with strain mixology, you can create mixes that don’t exist as hybrids. Many hybrids are bread for grower-favourable characteristics rather than user experience. But with Cfusion, you can mix whatever you want, whenever you want!

Plus, isn’t mixing two infusions a whole lot easier than breeding and growing a whole new plant? Imagine if we got to the point where the cannabis world identified a series of mother strains, any or all of which could be mixed together to produce unique sensations and experiences?


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