Sous Vide Basics - Steak

Sous Vide Basics – Steak

As the world’s premier manufacturer of sous vide accessories (title pending), I feel I need to master the classic: Steak.

So, I’ve spent much of the last week, in between my usual incoherent stoner ramblings, grilling up an endless string of steaks. Wagyu to choice, ribeye to round and everything in between.

Today’s result: a AAA Angus New York Strip, seasoned and rested, heated sous vide at 130°C until I got impatient (about two hours), fast-seared with butter baste on cast iron at maximum heat (smoke detector silenced), rested on board, sliced, and then rested again in juices and hot butter on a plate.

Result: Steakhouse quality, for less than the price of McDonalds via Foodora – and your delivery guy hasn’t snacked on your fries 🙂

If you’ve never used sous vide, try it for a week. By day 3 you’ll be calculating how much you’ve been wasting on take-out for years.

If you already love sous vide for meat, let me introduce you to sous vide for infusions – the Cfusion way 🙂


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