Infused Cream – Why You Need Stabilizers


Unappetizing name, isn’t it?

People get scared by food ingredients with weird names like carrageenan.

It’s actually as natural as any other plant: What You’re Getting Wrong About Carrageenan?

And, I’ll tell you from experience: If you’re infusing into dairy, you need a cream that’s made with a stabilizer like carrageenan.

Without it, there’s a good chance you’ll end up with a curdled, separated, disgusting mess – and your expensive cannabis will go straight down the drain.

Having infused into different brands of dairy, I can say that the ones with carrageenan work best. Brands with other stabilizers, such as locust bean gum, just don’t hold up as well. Unstabilized dairy, such as organic products, is even more fickle.

If you choose to infuse into unstabilized dairy, I recommend a low temperature – 140°C or lower – and a shorter infusion time – 1-2 hours.

My advice?


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