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Fresher Flower, Fresher Oil!

In the kitchen, freshness matters.

….Fresh eggs poach into benedicts.

…Older eggs boil into salad sandwiches.

…Fresh berries get sliced and eaten.

…Older berries become jam.


Do we think this way when we think about weed?

Big Pot sure does.

They know they’re held to a higher standards on flower than on edibles. The buds they sell have to look and smell good enough to buy.

But the edibles are just marked THC – no one knows anything more – so you can put whatever garbage weed you want in that mix!

You, at home, can do better.

First, get yourself fully up to speed on how to identify quality. Clearly does a great job of it here:

TLDR – the best product will have lots of colour, density, frost, smell.

Then, get yourself a Cfusion Home Kit  – because you don’t want to let any of that quality – especially the flavour – go up in smoke!

When you try your first taste of infused oil / milk / broth / booze, you’ll instantly taste and feel the difference freshness makes.


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