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Cold Brew Coffee – the Cfusion Way!

Espresso, you’re so 20th century…

These days, we take our coffee cold-brewed. And, for good reason. High heat brews coffee fast, but damages the coffee’s compounds, creating bitter, acidic and otherwise bad taste undertones. A longer brew at a lower temperature yields a richer, deeper, and more natural flavour.

Eschewing speed and high heat to preserve quality – sounds like Cfusion, doesn’t it? In fact, it is!

To be clear – you don’t need Cfusion to cold brew. The most bizarre thing about cold brews is that people are buying them retail at all, anywhere – whether in coffee shops or supermarkets. The process is dead easy – just put the grounds in water, ignore it for a couple days, strain it, and keep the result in your fridge. There it is – cold brew coffee, for pennies, with no work!

But Cfusion can certainly help.

If you want to do a fully authentic cold brew, use the Cfusion infusion chamber and flower pod, without the sous vide. The pod structure will avoid the need to strain out your grounds.

More interesting, if you’re creative, is to ask – how “cold” does cold brew really have to be?

Turns out, it’s not really cold at all – it’s just not boiling hot. A little bit of heat can help the infusion – and perhaps even improve it. Plus, everything’s a spectrum – for every little bit of extra heat you add, the minimum brewing time will come down a bit as well.

If you brew at 150°F, you can have your “warm” brew in two hours. You might get a balance between true hot and cold brews – or, some people say, you might get the best of both worlds: Chefsteps: Quick Cold-Brew Coffee

Or you can be closer to a purist, like these guys do, at 108°F for a minimum of two hours: Extra Crispy: What is Sous Vide Coffee & Why Should I Like It?

Every day we think of a new expensive commercial product we can start making at home with our Cfusion!

If see anything, send your ideas our way – we’d love to hear from you!


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