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Cfusion – Milk and Cream with a BHANG!

Here at Cfusion, we love infused milk and cream. No one can resist a steaming-hot cannalatte, a heaping bowl of canna-ice cream, or an energizing canna-smoothie. Infused milk and cream are delicious, versatile and – now that Cfusion is here! – so easy to make at home.

But – we weren’t the first to think of this!

In fact, people in India have been infusing cannabis into milk for thousands of years:

Since 1000 BC, bhang (literally meaning ‘cannabis’) is the communion wafer/sacramental bread of India: a piece of the god of destruction, Shiva. According to mythology, he is our universe’s very first hippie god.

In ancient Hindu texts, the gods churned an ocean of milk in search of an elixir that would make them immortal. Once they found it, they ran off with it and spilled a couple of drops of the immortality water along the way. At each of the places where a drop was spilled from the pot, miracles occurred. (…)

Bhang is also used in ayurvedic medicine. It is said to cure nervous disorders, skin diseases and wounds. In Medieval times, soldiers used to drink bhang before or after battle, just as Westerners drank hard liquor from flasks. It was said to give them an adrenaline rush, so they felt immortal and invincible, and lessened pain.

But bhang is so embedded nowadays that a lot of Hindus—especially men—use it more often than just on holidays. The spiced drink cools them down on hot days, but they also just like the whole ‘being stoned’ thing. A tourist gets one or two weed balls in his shake, but a local easily puts in ten.


It begs the question – if such a delicious and healthy way to enjoy weed has existed all along, why does the West still choose to set their pot on fire?

People need to stop seeing cannabis as a smoke product like tobacco and hard drugs – and, instead, use cannabis to create consumption experiences on part with wine, cheese, coffee and chocolate.

Cfusion: Driving cannabis culture change.


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