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Cfusion: French Press of Cannabis Infusion

Delicious homemade cannabis oil with marijuana buds and leaf.

Cfusion: Faster, Better, Cheaper?

Well, let’s get the first one out of the way: Cfusion isn’t faster – and doesn’t want to be.

Quality infusions take time.

Potent infusions take time.

Cfusion likes to think of itself as the French Press of cannabis infusion. Yes, it requires a few minutes of effort, and yes, you need to leave it alone for a while and let the magic happen – but as soon as you taste the difference, you know it’s worth it.

As for better and cheaper?

Cfusion gives you total control.

Cfusion gives you maximum versatility.

With Cfusion, you pay pennies on the dollar compared to commercial edibles.

And with Cfusion, you don’t have to spend hundreds on a one-touch machine that can’t do dairy, sugar or broth.

Faster, better, cheaper?

Two out of three ain’t bad!


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