Cfusion – For The Planet!

Legal cannabis has a packaging problem:

“…comically large containers…”

“…roughly 38 grams of hard plastic for as little as one gram of flower…”

38 grams of plastic for a single gram of flower??? 


Here at Cfusion, we’re users ourselves, so we’ve lived the insanity. 

Consider the packaging in this picture: nearly 120g of plastic to house a quarter ounce of weed. Utterly ridiculous.

It’s only going to get worse with edibles:

Who pays for all the plastic? You.

Who suffers because of all the plastic? Everyone.

We hear all kinds of stuff these days about banning straws and plastic grocery bags, but how much attention do we pay to the plastic that surrounds the stuff we buy?

Stop paying for packaging.

Stop throwing away packaging.

Whether it’s your morning coffee, your living room air freshener, or your evening canna-cocktail – make it at home, for the planet’s sake!



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