Cannabis infused fudge isolated on black medical marijuana

Cfusion cures impotence! Pot impotence, that is :)

Detail of wood tray with Cannabis infused fudge isolated on black - medical marijuana edibles concept

Legal cannabis has an impotence problem.

Anyone who has tried both the legal and black market stuff knows that the legal doesn’t come close. The corporate bigwigs who run the legal outfits care about profit and profit alone. It makes no difference to them if your weed doesn’t work.

Thankfully – Cfusion has a cure!

Infuse with more!

The recommended proportions and times in our instruction manual reflect established wisdom, handed down over time through generations of stoner chit chat. We know they work, because we at Cfusion make and use infusions that way every day.

But – the stoner chit-chat isn’t set in stone!

Stuck with 10% THC weed rather than your preferred 20%?

One option: Do your Cfusion twice!

Do an oil batch with one pod of flower, then decarb a second pod’s worth and infuse it into the same oil.

Another option: Do you Cfusion with cream!

Instead of 100% fat butter, use 45% whipping cream. About half the fat, but you’re using half-potency pot, so the math works out. Then, when the time comes to consume, use twice as much.

And even though you’re using more pot, you’ll still save money, since you’re not setting your pot on fire. Joints lose up to 80% of their potency to pyrolysis and side-stream smoke* – and that’s assuming you finish the whole joint.

With Cfusion, you take back control.

You need never feel the shame and embarrassment of pot impotence ever again.


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