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Cannabis Coffee Snobs Forever!

We here at Cfusion are unapologetic coffee snobs.

Coffee is a consumption experience, just like cannabis will soon be. The depth of flavour in a top quality coffee bean is magical. Coffee should be savoured and appreciated.

We especially love our lattes.

For us, there is no better way to enjoy our cannabis than in a hot, steaming canna-latte.

Now, if you disagree, fine by us! Canna-olive oil salad dressing, canna-bone broth, canna-coconut curry, canna-ice cream… there are so many contenders for best Cfusion creation.

But for us, the canna-latte always comes out on top.

The indulgent way? Stir a tablespoon or three of Cfusion cream into your favourite coffeehouse latte.

Or, save the $5! Use the Cfusion infusion chamber and your sous vide immersion chamber to heat your milk and infused cream to 160°F – and mix that into home-brewed coffee or



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