Cannabis and Depression: THC Matters

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For depression sufferers, cannabis isn’t just about CBD.

CBD-heavy strains, such as AC/DC, Cannatonic and Harlequin, are all the rage right now with medical users, for good reasons. Such strains can be fantastic for those with conditions such as anxiety, chronic pain, nausea, and a whole lot more. They allow users to enjoy therapeutic benefits without any “high”.

Depression sufferers are different.

For depression sufferers, THC matters.

I need THC. This, not because it makes me “high” – it usually doesn’t – rather, because my baseline mood is so low that I need the THC uplift to get to anything resembling what others consider normal.

Every time I wake up, usually within minutes of waking, I take however much Cfusion-made infused product I need to get myself out of my baseline misery. I do this literally every day, without exception, just as I would a prescription pill. If mixed with a group of non-users, no observers would be able to identify me as being under the influence.

I don’t say this as advice. I’m not a doctor. I’m not any sort of medical expert. I only know my own experience, which I share only as information to help inform others’ choices.

For me, I know this:

Strains matter.

Sativa strains in the Haze family, such as Lemon Ice, Super Silver Haze and Haze Berry, get me out of bed in the morning and ready to work. Indica strains such as Blueberry and Mango Kush relax me at day’s end, first making me social, and then readying me for sleep. All are THC-heavy strains, but, unless I intentionally take a huge amount, none make me “high”.

Through my time in depression, my health care providers cycled me through at least two dozen medications. None of them healed me. Many made me worse.

Cannabis, for me, is far better medicine than anything any pharmaceutical company has ever produced.

While I can’t give advice, I certainly enjoy hearing others’ success stories.


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